Teeth Fairies A Baby Teeth Tradition

Teeth Fairies

A new spin on the classic Tooth Fairy tradition.

Teeth Fairies is an interactive book and doll set. We are about imagination, having fun and promoting good health. Bring the magic home with the Teeth Fairies Book Set.

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**Winner of the 2016 Gold Mom's Choice Award!!**

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"The child-friendly delightful illustrations feature both children and fairies of different genders and ethnicities, and the text often becomes part of the illustration, with big, bold letters encouraging beginning readers to participate in lap reading. Sure to win over young fairy lovers about to lose their first teeth." This makes a great gift!


“A whimsical and fun idea”

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Teeth Fairies A Baby Teeth Tradition by Ingrid Bencosme $39.99

· The Teeth Fairies box set contains an adorable fairy and beautifully illustrated hard cover book with pages that can be personalized. The final page offers a tooth chart, where the date, tooth number, and surprise left by the fairy can all be listed.

· Teeth Fairies is a family keepsake. Kids lose over 20 baby teeth, so the set is meant to be used again and again to provide lasting memories and loads of fun for you and your children.

· Children must name their fairy and find her in their home every morning when she returns from Tooth Fairyland. It is the tooth fairy's mission to watch over and record children's dental habits and healthy eating choices. Her mission is complete and she becomes an official tooth fairy when your child places their fallen tooth in her crown pocket. Teeth Fairies know that it is never wise to wake a sleeping child, so no more fussing under anyone's pillow! The last place she was will be the place where she leaves your child's surprise. Your child's special tooth fairy will return to them every time they get a loose tooth.

· We support Communities in schools